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1, 2, 3 easy and simple With the WINBAG Air Wedge it doesn't get any easier. Window fitting is done quick, effective and precise - and only by the means of 1 person and a little bit of air. The WINBAG Air Wedge is invented for professional fitting of both windows and doors. The WINBAG acts like an extra person on the building site because the fitting is now done by one person - also by large window sections. It applies on both new build and renovation tasks.

A WINBAG is a very useful tool which can make the work of the craftsman easier.

Apart from effective door - window fitting a WINBAG can also be helpful for:

Lifting a washing machine or shelving units

Mounting of inventory in kitchens, showers etc.

When doors need to be lifted and adjusted

Holding in place while the glue is set hard

As door stopper

The Air Wedge was invented by a window installer who felt there was a tool missing in his tool box that would make many of his every day jobs easier. By developing his ideas together with a Manufacturer the WINBAG® was created! Refined and improved over time, now Professionals and DIYs alike can use Winbag Air Wedge with great advantages, such as:

• 135 KILO / 300 LBS force at your fingertips• Levelling of elements from narrow gaps of 2mm (3/32”) and up to 50 mm (2”)

Infinite adjusting possibilities

Everyone can be a pro with WINBAG Airwedge!

Gentle on surfaces leaving no scratches behind

Time saving- very often a two-man job can now be one man and a Winbag Airwedge!

WINBAG Air Wedge PUSH one handed release valve to make the levelling concise!

WINBAGS Air Wedge safety value allows a no fail approach to installs

Very durable – can be used again and again and comes with a one-year Manufacturer Warranty

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