Wera TBK160I7 Kraftform Plus VDE Screwdriver Set + Screw Grips Set of 8 SL/PH



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High Quality 8 Piece VDE Screwdriver Set

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I have actually had the privilege of visiting the Wera factory in Germany to see the extraordinary care and workmanship they put into each screwdriver they make. It is very impressive and the question every tradesman should ask is do you trust your life to batch-tested electrical screwdrivers where maybe 1 in every 1000 is tested for safety or do you invest in Wera where every single tool is individually tested? I have seen the testing bay and I the process and I know what I would choose - Wera every time!

Wera Series 160 i/7 Insulated screwdriver sets are tested individually for dielectric strength under a load of 10,000 volts so as to ensure safe working with loads up to 1,000 volts. They have a premium Gold Lasertip, a tip which has a laser roughened surface which literally bites into the screwhead, reducing cam-out and eliminating the need for two-handed screwdriving.

They have a significantly extended service life due to bit-grade steel used in all Wera screwdrivers and have the patented Kraftform handle which is ergonomic, multi-component and which uniquely fits to the shape of the hand during screwdriver use, reducing fatigue and increasing speed. Smooth, soft zones offer improved grip, hard zones allow easy hand re-positioning.

Each Sets Contain:

4 x Slotted: 2.5x80mm, 3.5x100mm, 4x100mm, 5.5x125mm.2 x Phillips: PH1x80mm, PH2x100mm.2 x Screw Grippers: Wera A01 & B0018

This listing constitutes a generous saving over the list price for these sets which is £37.78 including VAT & carriage.

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