Warrior DWRE015 Lightweight Valved Disposable Face Mask FFP2 Certified


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Boxes of 10 Respiratory Face Masks FFP2

Boxes of 10 lightweight disposable masks with a contour fit. The valved design makes it easier to breath/ speak than a non valved mask. It also prevents the mask from moving off your face as you breath, exposing you to contamination risks. The contoured fit allows clear vision & the masks are maintenance free. There is a twin elastic headband and an adjustable nose bridge with a foam nose seal to allow comfortable & secure fitting

FFP2 masks are recommended by the World Health Organisation as the correct protection against Coronavirus (see the snippet from their advice in the pictures).

Each box of masks contains 10 moulded face masks sealed in a plastic bag & completely ready to use! For even greater protection, we have FFP3 masks in stock. This is the highest level of protection available, these masks also have a full face seal.

Decrease your risk of contraction even further by combining goggles with your respiratory protection mask.