TROWEL MATE Magnetic Brick Trowel Holder


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The Trowel Mate uses magnetic fields incorporated within the product. This gives it the optimum amount of strength, so when you place a trowel against the Trowel Mate it is held firmly in place and yet to remove your trowel, it is simply a 'flick of the wrist' movement which takes no noticeable effort.

The Trowel Mate is washable, impervious to non-corrosive liquids.

It comes with an adjustable web belt.

Through extensive trials and testing it has been proven that even for a novice bricklayer the Trowel Mate will increase speed and therefore your earning power. especially when laying heavy blocks and stone.

When you use two hands to lift a block into position by using a Trowel Mate you don't have to turn away and reach out to retrieve your trowel as it is always by your side.

It's like having an extra hand to hold your trowel when your trowel hand is busy.

No more "where did I put my trowel?".

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