Parweld Pro-Grip Max MIG Torch

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Parweld Pro-Grip Max MIG Torch

A range of Parweld Pro-Grip Max MIG Torches in various amperages and cable lengths.

The Parweld Pro-Grip Max MIG Torch range has been engineered with the user in mind: simple, comfortable and effective. With superior ergonomics the Pro-Grip Max reduces fatigue, increases comfort, improves performance & increases productivity.

Pro-Grip Max is designed to be durable, reliable and comfortable; engineered to give longevity & superior performance.


Nozzles: Maximum wall thickness gives longevity & performance. Manufactured to the same specification as the OEM.

Contact Tips: Manufactured using a harder and higher conductivity copper alloy than the OEM.

Swan Necks: High temperature resistant insulation materials reducing the risk of shorting. Durable & robust.

Hanger Hooks: Easy to store, less prone to damage. Encourages an efficient & tidy workspace.

Handle System: The ergonomically superior Pro-Grip Max system maximises user comfort. Integrated soft grips ensure the handle remains in place with minimal grip pressure. Designed for balance, lightness & strength with enhanced wire feeding performance. Screwless design for rapid servicing.

Secure Contacts: The contacts in the trigger carrier are over-moulded so cannot pull out.

Neck Security: Upstands on the location block prevent any rotational movement of the neck.

Knuckle Joint: Improved manoeuvrability – small movements of the handle and neck are possible independently of the cable assembly.

Cable Supports: Improved wire feeding. The perfect balance of freedom of movement and progressive support to the cable is achieved.

PRO1500 Rating: 180A CO2, 150A Mixed Gas @ 60%

Wire Size: 0.6mm – 1.0mm

PRO2500 Rating: 230A CO2, 200A Mixed Gas @ 60%

Wire Size: 0.8mm – 1.2mm

PRO3600 Rating: 300A CO2, 270A Mixed Gas @ 60%

Wire Size: 0.8mm – 1.2mm

PRO5000 Rating: 520A CO2, 430A Mixed Gas @ 100%

Wire Size: 1.0mm – 1.6mm

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