Nitrogen Regulator Single Stage 2 Gauge 10 Bar 10 Bar UK Tested


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Nitrogen Regulator 2 Gauge Single Stage

European Standards Specification BS EN ISO 2503

10 Bar

Part Number: GAS0006

Our Weldgas Premium Regulators are part of a comprehensive product range of UK tested gas equipment.

Our equipment is fully compliant with all relevant UK standards and strict tests are undertaken at the manufacturers prior to dispatch.
We increasingly sell nitrogen regulators to customers who wish to fill car tyres with nitrogen.

The use of pure nitrogen for tyre filling is common place within motorsports and is also widely used for motor car tyre filling within many of the UK’s automotive repair, maintenance and tyre specialists.

Pure nitrogen molecules are much larger than Air molecules and therefore pass through tyre structures approximately three or four times slower. Pure nitrogen has a more consistent rate of expansion and contraction compared to air.

Increases in pressure affect traction and handling and with varying track and tire temperatures changing during the course of motorsport races, the consistency of pure nitrogen is critical; in summary pure nitrogen delivers more value for tyres than Air.

The air we breathe contains 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and a 1% mix of Argon, Carbon Dioxide and water vapour.

When tyres are filled with Air, the Oxygen molecules are much smaller and pass through tyre structures; hence why tyre pressures reduce.

Pure nitrogen filled tyres retain pressure for much longer, will reduce the possibility of driving on soft tyres and will improve handling and fuel economy. It is therefore preferable in many cases to ensure tyres are filled in pure nitrogen.

Filling with pure nitrogen as opposed to Air prevents water vapour in tyres.

As tyres are heated up under use, the pressure increases. The unknown water content makes the tyre pressure unpredictable and inconsistent, making it difficult to know how much grip a tyre has on the road.

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