Myking Type Electrode Holders

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Myking Style MMA Electrode Holders
Very popular electrode holder for welder satisfaction.

Probably because these electrode holders have a real "quality" feel to them. This means all you need to do is connect it to your cable and start welding without having to worry about the quality of the product.

All electrode holders have a maximum amperage and a 'duty cycle' figure. Provided you do not go over the maximum amperage it would be highly unlikely that you would end up exceeding the duty cycle figure (for example on a 300 A holder the duty cycle is 150 A at 60%. Especially bearing in mind that for every time you finish a rod you have to stop welding and the 60% duty cycle does not factor that in).

To help you determine your amperage requirements please use the below as a rough guide for standard mild steel (6013) rods.

2.0mm - 45-80 Amps

2.5mm - 60-110 Amps

3.2mm - 90-140 Amps

4.0mm - 130-180 Amps

5.0mm - 170-240 Amps
We find that the best results for slag peeling off by itself is 84 Amps on 2.5mm and 112 Amps on 3.2mm however it does depend on the material thickness and the personal preferences of the person welding.

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