Cebora ART 514 Power Rod 250T-Cell Inverter Power Source for Nu5 Fleetweld 5P+ CELLULOSIC


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If you want to weld with Nu5 E6011 or FleetWeld 5P E6010 (i.e. a cellulosic coated rutile electrode), you will need a power source with a high open circuit voltage like the POWER ROD 250 T

These are machines specifically designed to run a cellulosic rod.

The three-phase power source POWER ROD 250 T (art. 514) allows professional welding of coated electrodes by means of the Hot Start and Arc Force functions, which assure a sophisticated control of short-circuit conditions, and thus of the electrode transfer, which is the parameter that most strongly affects the welding quality. The power source is also suitable for D.C. TIG / pulsed TIG welding with “Cebora lift ignition”. The machine software is stored in the flash memory and may therefore be upgraded. The machine has a connector to connect the remote control for the current as well as a digital ammeter to read the welding current.

Three Phase Input 400 v 50/60 Hz + 10

Fuse Rating (Slow Blow) 10 A

Input Power 9.2 kVA 30%

7.3 kVA 60%

6.5 kVA 100%

Current Adjustment Range 10 A – 250 A

Duty Cycle (10min 40C) 250 A 30%

According to IEC60974-1 210 A 60%

190 A 100%

Electrodes that can be used 1.5mm – 4.0mm ⌀

Protection IP23 S

Weight 15.7kg

Dimensions (WxLxH) 207x437x411

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