Antox 71E Pickling Paste 2KG

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Antox 71E pickling paste contains hydrofluoric acid and nitric acid to remove oxide scale and tarnish around welding seams. It is approved by the KWU, the German Nuclear Power Commission.

Antox 71E Plus is a clear thixotropic paste used to remove weld burn and annealing colours from stainless steels after welding. It can also be used on Titanium, Nickel and their alloys.

This product settles on the shelf and must be mixed well before use to ensure that the liquid and paste combine. Application is with pickling brushes of acid-resistant materials for repeated use or Antox disposable brushes of synthetic materials. A white ‘‘halo’’ mark may be left on the area pickled.

Supplied in a 2Kg tub complete with brush.

Method of Application

  • Apply liberally to prescribed area with brush

Reaction Times

  • Rusty and acid-resistant steels, stainless steels 15 - 60 minutes
  • Nickel and nickel alloys 5 - 20 minutes
  • Titanium & Alloys by trial only
  • 1 kg of Antox 71E Plus is sufficient for 50 - 80 running meters approximately of weld seam with heated tinted area
  • Optimum pickling temperature 18-22C