Action Can WB-90 Water Based Biodegradable Anti-Spatter Spray



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Action Can’s new water-based non-flammable spatter release is The “Safe” choice for protecting metal sheets, surfaces, workpieces, welding parts and equipment against the adhesion of weld spatter. The water-based film provides a fine spray pattern for uniform coverage. Easily wipes off, making clean-up quick with no chiselling, grinding, buffing or brushing required. Solvent, silicone and oil free.

Application: recommended for use on all welding applications. For use on welding equipment such as welding tips, Mig and Tig tips, Arc welding, weldments, electrode holders, contact tips, tools, metal moulds and bench top splash guards.

WB-90 WATER-BASED ANTI-SPATTER · Non-toxic water-based film preventing weld spatter adhesion · Easy clean up: no chiselling, grinding, buffing or brushing · Free from silicone and oil: will not interfere with post weld applications: galvanising, painting, or powder coating · Contains anti-corrosion additives: prevents flash rusting · No solvents, low odour and non-flammable