Action Can RX-90 Red Oxide Anti-Rust Primer 500ml Aerosol


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RX-90 is one of our most popular items.

It is a Red Oxide Anti-Rust Primer which makes a fast drying protective coating for use on all metal surfaces.

It is a fast drying premium anti- rust base coat with strong adhesion to bare metal surfaces.

The modified alkyd resin binder and anti-corrosion pigments present protect against rust and provide an additional anti-corrosion layer for subsequent topcoats. RX-90 exhibits strong adhesion on degreased, bare metal surfaces and is paintable with all one-component paints after 1 hour.

RX-90 can be welded through.

  • Protective anti-corrosion coating with zinc complexes to withstand harsh outdoor conditions
  • Primer for ferrous metals such as bare steel and iron surfaces
  • Excellent adhesion to rusty surfaces
  • Fast drying
  • Can be welded through

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