Which Type of Grinding Wheel Do I need?

Anyone who's job involves tools that need sharpening is likely to own some type of grinding wheel. Here at Scion Supply we stock a wide range of grinding wheels and discs, including many of the leading brands. If you're not sure which kind of grinding wheel you need, it's a good idea to get all the facts. So here are some that you might find useful.

What is a Grinding Wheel?

A grinding wheel is an abrasive disk that is used for sharpening, cutting, shaping and polishing etc. The wheel is often mounted on a machine fixed to a bench. This is the ideal setting for sharpening chisels and bladed tools. If you need more flexibility you can use a wheel or disc on a handheld device. This might be the best option for a car body workshop, for example.

Sharp grains provide the abrasive element of a grinding wheel. These grains are held in place by a powerful adhesive bonding process. If you want to remove more material during use you need larger grains. Conversely, smaller grains would suit a job where you need a smoother finish. Most reputable abrasive suppliers are happy to offer advice on specific projects.

Different types of grinding wheels

A straight wheel is probably the most familiar type of grinding wheel. These are commonly used for sharpening items, like tools and blades for example. Large diameter wheels can be up to 36 inches, and are used a lot in heavy industry. Cup wheels are often used to polish stone or concrete. They generally have a hollow centre, hence the reference to the word 'cup'. Dish wheels are a similar shape, but shallower, so they can fit into tighter spaces.

Much thinner grinding wheels (or discs) are commonly used with handheld devices. Their narrow edge makes them ideal for cutting stone or metal, or for a job that needs more precision.

Where are Grinding Wheels Used?

You'll find some type of grinding wheel or abrasives being used in a wide variety of industries and sectors. They're a common sight in metal refurbishment, such as pallet racking for example. They're used a lot in manufacturing, too, where products need to be finished or sharpened. Most building contractors use grinding wheels, for jobs like cutting stone flags or breeze block. Other sectors include automotive, shipbuilding, foundries and medical manufacturing.

Scion Supply Ltd

The team at Scion Supply have a wealth of experience in the supply of consumables to industry and commerce. Backed by our professional knowledge of facilities maintenance and engineering, we understand what our customers need. That's why we're able to supply exactly the right products, along with the highest level of service.

Within our extensive range of grinding wheels and other abrasives you'll find something to suit every requirement. We're proud suppliers of numerous brand-leaders including Abracs, Pegatec and Parweld. From hand pads and abrasive rolls to steel cutting discs, we're confident that you'll find what you're looking for. And if you need it fast, we can deliver it in the UK the next day. For more information or advice, please don't hesitate to contact us.