The Best Gardening Gloves for Thorns

If you have ever cared for plants then you will know how painful thorns can be. Whether you are removing brambles or pruning a rose bush, thorns can cause you some nasty wounds. Not only can thorns cause painful gashes and cuts, but they can also potentially transmit bacterial infections.

Most gardening gloves are not strong enough to protect against damage caused by thorns. Fortunately, the Town & Country Master Gardener gloves for ladies are completely thorn proof. Here are some reasons why these are one of the best gardening gloves for thorns available.

Features of the Master Gardener Glove

Town & Country have developed and perfected the Master Gardener over ten years making them the best gardening gloves for thorns. In addition, Master Gardener is the most popular glove currently on the UK market. They have doubled coated each glove in a special latex dip to provide extra strength and defence against even the toughest of thorns. They offer protection both against thorns and other sharp objects and feature an excellent grip that works well in both wet and dry conditions. The gloves will fit snugly over your hand and wrist so there is no loss of grip while working. Finally, they have been classified as 4111 under CE certification, providing a guarantee that they are tougher than many other similar gloves on the market.

Benefits of the Master Gardener Gloves

There are several reasons why the Town & Country Master Gardener gloves for ladies are the best gardening gloves for thorns:

• Having gardening gloves with extra quality and thickness will ensure that not only will you be protected from painful thorn wounds, but your gloves will resist any tearing or damage that could render them useless. These gloves are tough enough to stand the test of time.

• These gloves are designed to offer protection to all parts of the hand including the wrist. The extra protection provided will mean that your hands, fingers and wrists will be entirely safe from cuts and scratches.

• While adding additional protection from thorns and sharp objects your gloves also provide excellent ventilation. With a breathable design you will be able to work longer and more comfortably in the garden.

• Not only do your gloves need to provide protection but they also need to be flexible enough to require less effort and allow free movement. The unique latex design of these gloves will also give you full functionality in all garden duties.

• If you are working with shears or any other garden tool then a strong grip is important. These gloves offer superior grip so you will be able to use any garden tools easily without getting fatigued.

Town & Country Master Gardener Gloves for Ladies

The Town & Country Master Gardener gloves for ladies will take the pain and discomfort out of gardening, once again making it an enjoyable experience. Our ladies’ thorn proof gloves come in small and medium sizes and two colours: pink and aubergine. To purchase our thorn proof gardening gloves with next day UK delivery visit our online store today. For the best gardening gloves for thorns visit Scion Supply today.