Our mission

It is our most important aim to make our customers happy. We want to offer a personalised service with knowledgeable, experienced staff who understand end user applications supplying great value products ideal for your job.

We are committed to great service & top quality products for the best possible value for money.

We use our experience and knowledge to choose the best products no matter what job you are doing. What we sell is tried and tested in an industrial market place so you can be confident you're getting tough, industrial quality goods at the best possible prices!

Our values

We believe in an innovative approach which is born of an intellectual conviction that labour takes precedence over capital, people are more important than things, and that work is more than just an activity or commodity; it is an essential dimension of human nature. Scion Supply functions on an integral ideology which encourages and fosters the dignity of every human being and ecological values which respect our shared home.

Scion Supply is a wholesaler of industrial plant & consumables supplying a broad range of quality products from world leading manufacturers to manufacturing organisations, facilities maintainers, engineers etc. We are a leading distributor of welding plant & purging products.

We are always looking for new customers and for new and innovative products to sell..

  • People
  • Passion
  • Sustainability