Grippit Plasterboard Fixings Guide


The GRIPIT Plasterboard Fixing was invented by Jordan Daykin in 2008. In 2014, Daykin became the youngest person to secure an investment through BBC’s Dragons Den.


Fitting GRIPIT fixings is easy; just DRILL, TAP & TURN


Available in 5 different, colour coded sizes (click on the relevant link to learn more):

  • BLUE Holds up to 113kg
  • BROWN Holds up to 93kg
  • RED Holds up to 74kg
  • YELLOW Holds up to 71kg
  • GREEN Holds up to 20kg

Gripit Products

We now stock the GRIPIT range of fixings including the MarXman Professional Marking Tool. This useful & ingenious marking tool has a unique design. With one push, it quickly, easily and clearly marks almost any surface. For jobs with fixing holes up to depths of 45mm.

Each pen contains 250+ bursts of removable, fluorescent green pigment and is capable of marking all surfaces including brick, metal, wood, pebbledash, porcelain and ceramic.

The perfect drilling companion for electrical, plumbing, building jobs and much more.

There's a video (below) that shows you how to use it and you can buy yours now here.