About us

Scion Supply Ltd source & distribute industrial plant & consumables. We seek to provide a one-stop-shop service for manufacturing industry, working closely with clients to ensure smooth supply chain experiences & keen pricing across a broad range of industrial consumables.

Scion Supply Ltd are:

  • Passionate people.
  • Bright ideas.
  • Brilliant implementation.

Scion Supply Ltd is a business staffed by industry professionals with a strong service ethic and a proven track record of success delivering outstanding levels of client satisfaction in diverse industry sectors.

The Scion Supply collaboration is part of a journey towards excellence that began in 1993 and has never failed to achieve success. It is born of a vision which encompasses a dynamic business strategy determined to deliver the very best end result for our customers. Our unique approach is innovative & born of an intellectual conviction that labour takes precedence over capital, people are more important than things, and that work is more than just an activity or commodity; it is an essential dimension of human nature. Our business functions on an integral ideology which encourages and fosters the dignity of every human being. Because we value our staff and our customers as individuals within their organisations, this filters through into all our relationships resulting in integrity and a commitment to duty and fulling our word which you will no doubt find unusual and inspiring in this day and age.

Scion Supply Ltd has been conceived and is run in order to provide the highest level of service to trade industry and commerce throughout the UK and beyond. We present far more than just a supply option, we are an industry specialist with many years’ experience in the welding industry, facilities maintenance, electrical and mechanical engineering and an intimate knowledge of the demands and goals of organisations working in these sectors.

The strategy we employ in order to fulfil these demands entails a great deal of careful listening to what clients want from a product which allows us to subsequently present our clients a wide range of the best products on the market, tried and tested by you in the most demanding of situations.

As you may be able to tell from this brief overview, we are not just a supply outlet, we are supply chain experts.

We never say no.

Years of dedicated experience and networking means we always have a solution for you in any situation. We are committed to sourcing the right product at the right price, something only possible if you understand client’s needs. We work hard to nurture excellent relationships with manufacturers throughout the world giving us tremendous flexibility in being able to demand the correct product for your needs.

We consider that in practice, our best-selling point is that we offer a bespoke service tailored to your needs. We don’t tell you how to order, we ask how you order and then work hard to fit in with your systems.

Scion Supply Ltd are an experienced and established industrial supply company servicing the whole country as well as Europe and even further afield! The business is based in Essex & manned by expert staff with many years of experience both working on the tools and selling them.

We are a supplier of a broad range of industrial consumables to Fabricators, Manufacturers, Mechanical & Electrical Contractors, Facilities Maintenance Specialists, Process Engineers, Metal Finishers, Welders, Building Contractors, Carpenters and Joiners.

We supply quality tools, adhesives & industrial aerosols, specialist abrasives, welding plant & consumables, fixings and fasteners, industrial aerosols, abrasives, decorating products, gloves, boots, clothing and personal protection equipment.

In a dynamic, changing marketplace, we think we offer something unique:

· We strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction

· We always offer the most cost-effective solution

· We aim to present the best products available on the market

· We provide our customers with solutions backed by the manufacturer

Our customers tell us that our business stands out because we foster a timeless service ethic that makes us worth a whole purchasing team to your business. You see, put simply, we care about our customers and we enjoy what we do. These simple truths combine to make your experience with Scion Supply Ltd tick all the right boxes. We work for you to make sure you meet your deadlines and get what you want, when you want it at the price you want it for.Start working with us today and stop worrying about getting the consumables you need on time & on budget!